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My childhood friends describe me as ambitious, an explorer, a dreamer. But also the one who took the first step, a pioneer, to see what no one has seen or explored before. As a child I was very good in drawing and painting. I liked to catch the people's attention through my work. I believe this led me into photography. That's what I enjoy nowadays. To fascinate people with my photographs, make them curious about the world and show them the beauty out of our planet. The everyday routine is so busy that we lose the view to the beauty around us.

I come from Becej, a small town in the north of Serbia. I was born in 1983 and on 1991 my family moved to Germany as refugees from the Yugoslavia war. We stayed for six years before returning to Serbia. There I went to the Electromechanical school that I graduated in 2002.

In 2007 I landed in the United States where a 5 year lasting adventure started: living and working with people from all around the world, traveling the whole Caribbean and north America. I was a photographer, salesman, cameraman, broadcast technician, entertainment technician and STCW 95 certified maritime safety personnel for a Cruise Line. I recorded many excursions as part of my job. This gave me an amazing opportunity to work and explore at the same time.

My first big road trip was about 10000km by bus trough the USA. The first bus ride from Tampa to Las Vegas. Leaving the heat of the everglades, trough the dry Texas terrain, up the snowy mountains in New Mexico and passing the Grand Canyon in Arizona. I've visited Los Angeles, San Francisco and Las Vegas afterwards. This was the first time I used Couchsurfing (a web bases social network where strangers are offering a place to sleep over, a sightseeing tour or just a meet up for a coffee for cultural exchange).

After the 6th and last contract with Carnival Cruise lines, I decided to fulfill one of my biggest dreams: to travel from south-east Asia to Serbia entirely on land. As a present to my sister, I took her with me. We flew to Thailand, and from there we backpacked trough Cambodia, Vietnam China and Hong Kong. She flew home from there and I continued through China, Mongolia, Russia (Trans Siberia), Ukraine, Hungary. I covered about 23.000km in 68 days using only local transportation.

In 2012 I moved to the south of Germany to settle down. In 2014 my cousin and me went on a motorcycle trip. In 3 weeks we covered about 8000km trough Germany, Belgium, France, England, Ireland and Scotland. We had each our own bikes and used Couchsurfing or our tent to overnight.

As a photographer I feel like I can tell the story of those countries trough my eyes and feelings. Moving off the tourist track, being that pioneer I always wanted to be. A messenger whose language are his photographs.

Before modern day tourism, traveling was considered a path of education, a way of personality enrichment. By meeting people from different cultures, with various habits, opinions and divergent perspectives on life your spirit grows and definitely broadens your mind. "Reading thousands of books still cannot equal to traveling thousands of miles", you have to be there to feel it with all your senses and encounter new experiences!


Zsolt Fazekas


Equipment: Canon 550D, Canon EF 70-300mm f/4.0-5.6 IS USM, Sigma 17-70 f/2.8-4.5 DC



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